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You and me, kid. We're going places.

23/she/her /cis/WA. i draw a lot of fanart and reblog things.
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the tag for my drawings is "art"
Feb 9 '12

here’s what she serves there



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  2. sweetappletea said: I-I want to have a tea party with you. Terribly. ; ;
  3. comradewodka said: oh my god those little scones/crumpets look amazing and agggh you get a /petit ecolier/ those are like my favorite cookies of all time
  4. baskinglizard said: Oh goodness LU biscuits. I had an applied math professor who gave us those the last day of class. I’ve been addicted to them ever since. What a heavenly spread.
  5. vernors said: oh my gosh how adorable
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