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You and me, kid. We're going places.

23/she/her pronouns/cis/WA. i draw a lot of fanart and reblog things.
feel free to chat or ask me anything!

dA, steam and twitter sn: (zerostop)
3DS friend code: 1161 0950 7357
the tag for my drawings is "art"
Feb 19 '13

akapine006 asked:

HALISA HALISA HALISA HALISA HALISA IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY <33333333333333333333333333333333

ahhh wow, thank you gurl. UvU !!!

i’ve actually got another week to go, but thank you for remembering me. image

  1. bskizzle said: I think we share the same birthday? 26th?
  2. zerostop posted this